Exfoliating your Body during your Daily Bath or Shower

Too often women and men tend to focus solely on the face for exfoliating, as we crave to acquire the dewy fresh supple face. However you can achieve this same result for the body, by adding a new addition to your current bathing process. I would not suggest to use any of these regimes on your face as the face is much more sensitive and should be treated as such.


There are several ways to include a mild exfoliate into your daily regime:

  • Buy a body wash with an exfoliating feature such as sea salt, sugar or one that has microbeads filled with a moisturizer.
  • Buy a soap bar that has an exfoliate within the bar like crushed almond shells, loofah fibers or naturally crushed seeds. Be sure when you use the soap to rub the soap on the skin to receive the benefit of the exfoliation on more than just your hands when you wash.
  • Make your own mild exfoliate by using a handful of table sugar or baking soda along with your cleanser and slather over your body.

If you want a more advanced exfoliate you can step up your bathing routine to by using one of the following items either with a regular cleanser or with any of the above mild cleanser. Just be sure to start slow and stop if you fee like any area is receiving too much. Also, when using these advanced exfoliating items be sure to avoid using it daily and move to a weekly or bi-weekly routine. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Buy a pair of exfoliate gloves. These are my favorite and are easy to use as you just add a cleanser, even regular bar soap, lather it up and scrub all over your body. After you are finished, rinse the gloves fully and be sure to wash your gloves with your regular laundry and dry them naturally.
  • Buy a scrub brush, it’s more effective but also requires more time to use. Simply suds the brush with cleanser and scrub all the necessary areas.
  • Buy a scrubbing cloth and use it just like a regular washcloth. Suds it up with cleanser and scrub all the necessary areas.

Including these into your daily or weekly bathing routine will make your skin smooth and supple. Often you can see a nice glow on your skin after even one use. Also note that just after a scrub, you can use a self tanner product to also enhance your skin’s glow.

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1 thought on “Exfoliating your Body during your Daily Bath or Shower

  1. Jeremy

    I like to Scrub the body gently with a sponge starting from the ankles upward. Scrub the sponge over your skin in small, circular motions. Make sure to apply some pressure to feel the sponge’s rough texture on your skin; that way, it will rub the surface-layer dead skin away. Starting at the ankles is recommended because it helps to encourage positive blood circulation during the exfoliation process.


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