Arabica Coffee Fruit Berry Mask

Arabica Coffee Fruit Berry Mask

The Arabica Coffee Fruit Berry contains high amounts of a unique antioxidant defense to fight free radicals that cause aging and disease and assist with the attempt to prolong the youthful supple skin appearance.

Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 7.02.01 PMArabica Coffee Fruit has amazing benefits for your skin:
Polyphenols are also known as potent antioxidants that go beyond the modulation of defending against oxidative stress. Polyphenols also assist with overall cell survival, ultraviolet radiation protection and enhanced skin repair.
Phenolic acids including chlorogenic acid, proanthocyanidina, quinic acid, and ferulic acid help with the body’s production of inflammatory mediators. The Phenolic acid is also well known for the harsh chemical peels. Adding Arabica Coffee Fruit Berry will help your skin in exfoliation, whitening and even tightening.
Caffeine helps against cellulite as it is thought to mobilization of fat cells to temporarily shrink due to water loss.
Use it in the morning on days when you’re feeling puffy or even a bit sluggish for a instant boost of radiance.

• 1 teaspoon Arabica Coffee Fruit Berry Extract
• 2 tbsp. of plain sugar free organic yogurt
• ¼ cup of organic strawberries

Mash or blend the strawberries into a medium sized bowl, add in the Arabica Coffee Fruit Berry extract and yogurt slowly. Allow the mask to become a thick paste. Before you apply the mask, ensure the face and neck has been cleanse properly. Apply the mask with clean fingertips but avoid the eye area. Allow the mask to dry for at least 10 minutes and rinse thoroughly with warm water. Pat the skin gently to dry and proceed with the moisturizer routine.

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