2018 Make-Up Trend – Two Toned Lips!

2018 Make-Up Trend – Two Toned Lips!

2018 has shown many new trends, but one of my favorites is the two toned lips. Previous trends use to incorporate a darker liner with lighter lip color.  Then we started to add in  shimmer and shine to our lips with glosses.  And just recently, beauty mogels hit it out of the park with facial conto

Two Toned Lips

uring.  By including a lighter color in the center of the lips make the lips appear fuller.

Now we are much more darning to include two-toned lips!  Be adventurous and try out a two-toned lip by first using a lighter color on your top lip and a complementing but darker shade on the bottom.  Or as the picture suggests start with one color on one side of the lip and then move to a darker and even different color profile to the other side of the lips.

Even if this is just too much for your beauty routine, the bold lip is definitely in this season!

Let us know  what you’ve tried, we’d love to hear from you!

2018 Make-Up Trend – Two Toned Lips!

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