Silk Pillowcase for Beautiful Skin & Hair

Silk Pillowcase for Beautiful Skin & Hair

Cotton sheets absorb moisture, so to avoid having your skin and hair’s moisture loss while you sleep – slip into silky sheets!

Hair that tends to lack moisture can appear frizzy, lifeless, and even more static. Beauty experts love sleeping with a silk pillowcase as it will actually allow the hair to slide around more smoothly resulting in less breakage and  waking up void of the morning bed-head!

Additionally, cotton sheets can also absorb moisture from the skin.  Using silk pillowcases will not only allow your much coveted anti-aging treatments to remain on the skin but will also not imprint sheet creases on the body.  Anything to help prevent wrinkles!

Just to clear up some confusion, silk is considered a thread while satin is considered a weave. In order to make fabric, you take a type of thread, and weave it in a certain way. It is entirely possible to have a satin-weave fabric that is made of 100% silk threads.  So make sure you are purchasing 100% silk pillowcases.

Have you used silk pillowcases? Let us know what you think!

Silk Pillowcase for Beautiful Skin & Hair

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