Healing, Relaxing and Meditating with Music.

The solfeggio frequencies are part of the olden six-tone scale believed to have incorporated scared music, inclusive of the famous and beautiful Gregorian Chants. They begin with the 396 Hz and end with the 852 Hz frequency. Below we extend out beyond the six-tone scale to showcase additional frequencies that can help heal, relax and/or meditate based upon your individual needs.

The unique tones and chants are found to impart spiritual blessings when they are played harmoniously. Every tone comprises frequencies necessary for balancing energy, keeping the spirit, mind, and body in a perfect form of harmony. Use them together for added benefits and incorporate them within your beauty and spa routines.

Healing, Relaxing and Meditating frequencies:

  • The 174 Hz frequency alleviates tension and pain.
  • The 285 Hz frequency promotes the fright or fight instincts.
  • The 396 Hz for liberating one from fear and guilt
  • The 417 Hz frequencies for facilitating change and undoing situations
  • The 528 Hz for miracles and transformations like DNA repair
  • The 639 Hz frequencies for relationships and reconnecting
  • The 741 Hz solfeggio frequencies for getting solutions and expressing themselves
  • The 852 Hz frequencies for returning one to a spiritual order
  • The 963 Hz frequency for unity with Source.

Additional Benefits of the Frequencies

Healing, relaxing and meditating with music has several benefits linked with the frequencies. They include:

  • Relieving pain and tension: The 174 HZ frequencies relieves a person from tension and pain. When one is listening to this type of music, they will observe their breath gradually slowing down, making them very relaxed as they drift off to quiet meditation. Healing frequencies will relax the muscles, thereby alleviating tension or pain.
  • Safety, energy, and survival are linked with the solfeggio frequencies at 285 Hz. It is a frequency linked to the root Muladhara or Chakra. It is the body’s most fundamental and primal energy center at the base of a person’s spine. The Chakra regulates all the energy relating to safety, survival, and instinct.
  • The 396 Hz Solfeggio Frequencies release fear and guilt. When listening to the frequency, the feelings of fear and guilt kick in. A mantra can be used for harmony to be obtained from the ancient Solfeggio frequencies.
  • The 417 Hz releases negativity and all past trauma. One will experience relief because the negative experiences and influences from the past slowly leave their consciousness. It is linked to solar plexus chakra and color yellow.
  • 528 Hz is for clarity, peace, and DNA healing: it is a miracle tone or the love frequencies which have been claimed to heal the DNA and also cleanses an individual from any diseases and sickness. Healing impact is amplified through toning and meditation.
  • Healing interpersonal relationships using 639 Hz: it is a frequency with an ability to reconnect because it allows one to meditate on themselves, their life, and those of the people they value and love.
  • Problem-solving and improving emotional stability using 741 Hz: it allows the mind to expand, filling it with various solutions and new ways for self-expression. It unwinds a person’s worries and troubles, allowing one to think freely. It creates room for a healthier and stable emotional position and time for more profound intuition.
  • To create harmony with the universe and yourself: use the 852 HZ solfeggio frequencies so that you can heighten your intuitions and alignment with spiritual orders. You can connect with an omnipresent spirit in the universes and bring back harmony to yourself.
  • The 963 HZ solfeggio frequencies create room for oneness and unity. It awakens your interactions with oneness and interconnectedness with the universes. You get pure and bright visions and thoughts in your mind.

Healing, Relaxing and Meditating with Music is a wonderful way to maximize your spa and beauty routines. Many blessings to you!

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