Skin 101

Understanding your Skin’s Structure

Skin is an ever changing and evolving organ that is necessary in order to protect each of us from our environments. It also assists with maintaining our bodily temperatures. Understanding the basic elements and structure of the skin will assist with knowing exactly how products and methods affect and may result within your skin.


There are three layers of the skin:

  1. The Epidermis contains the pigment of melanin, is the outer layer of the skin. It actually has 5 layers to itself, however we’ll cover only the cover the top and bottom of the epidermis. The bottom layer is structured like columns where cells constantly divide and push already formed cells to the higher layers. As the cells progress to the top layers, they usually flatten and eventually die. At the top of the epidermis, the cells are made of the dead flatten cells which shed approximately every 2 weeks on their own.
  1. The Dermis contains 3 types of tissues includes collagen, elastic tissue and reticular fibers. It has 2 layers the top layer contains a thin layer of collagen fibers whereas the bottom layer is thicker with collagen fibers. It contains the hair follicles, sebaceous (oil and scent) glands, sweat glands, blood vessels, nerves and sensors that transmit touch and pressure.
  1. The Subcutaneous contains a layer of fat and connective tissue that protects the larger blood vessels and nerves. It helps regulates the body’s temperature.

Understanding each of these layers will assist with understanding the effectiveness of the products and methods utilized in order to advance your beauty regime to enhance and possibly even correct.

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