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After popular demand, here’s a list of our wonderful organic recipes from previous articles that you can do from home.  All of the ingredients are available at most organic health food stores.  Most of the recipes are inspired through seasonal availability, or even far away regions but with a little creativity you can substitute those seasonal or regional ingredients with current or local ingredients. In fact, it’s good to use local current ingredients to follow along with Mother Nature’s best available ingredients. Be sure to let us know how well they worked for you or if you found a great substitute ingredient so we can update our post with the best of the best.

For All Skin Types:

For Dry SkinTypes:

For Acne Prone Skin Types:

For Sensitive Skin Types:

For Oily & Combination Skin Types:

For Mature Skin Needs:

For Lips:

For Hands:

For Hair:

For Feet:


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